January 2020 update

Welcome to 2020, the new decade and new year with a new look programme (still in draft form!)

The Rosina Bonsu Moves team are Sue Crow, Catherine Hardy, Kate Henderson, Laura Gonzalez, myself with Brian Hartley taking care of the visual element, design and website.

The team are excited to be offering a range of classes to provide something for everyone. If there is something you would like, please let us know.

The Wake Up to 2020 workshop was fully booked and gave us an uplifting, joyous, delightful start to the year, beginning as we mean to go on.

I would like to take this opportunity to share my current health challenge. I have secondary breast cancer and treatment has already started. I have the same amazing oncology team, supported by extraordinary family, surrounded by unbelievable friends and the cherry on the cake – to be part of this fantastic rich, nurturing and nourishing yoga community.

I am happy to answer questions, hear your stories and receive your hugs.
Whether you have shared the journey with me before or not let us move forward together to the light, joy and yoga.

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