Weekend Classes

3 – 5 November

Lerigoligan retreat weekend


The Breathing Bones sessions will explore the opening of hips, shoulders and back and the lengthening of hamstrings, slowly unravelling tensions, limitations and supporting flexibilities and strengths.

The Yoga sessions will fine-tune placement.

We will examine the physical principles of alignment, unpicking and deconstructing the elements in the first session, putting it together in a counted primary series in the second.

Sunday’s session will further question our understanding to underpin continuing practice.

Costs: £210

Inclusive of accommodation, breakfast, Friday evening dinner, Saturday and Sunday lunch.

Due to the success of the March 2017 retreat, places are limited, booking required by end of September 2017



4 day Intensive Ashtanga Yoga Master Class, Mysore Style Self Practice, Adjustments and Pranayama

25-28 January 2018, Glasgow


“As our practice matures so does our appreciation for its many layers and subtleties.”

 Kia will share experiences, insights and principles for developing a deeper understanding of Ashtanga Yoga as a practice for our entire being – body, breath and mind.


£235 early bird payable before 10th November

£285 full price


Session 1:  Thursday 17.30 – 20.00

Ashtanga Yoga Master Class

Practice, principles, philosophy & adjustments


Session 2:  Friday 07.45 & 08.45

Ashtanga Yoga

Assisted Self Practice (Mysore style)


Session 3:  Friday 18.00 – 19.30

Pranayama & Kriyas

Practice, techniques and philosophy


Session 4:  Saturday 07.45 & 08.45

Ashtanga Yoga

Assisted Self Practice (Mysore Style)


Session 5

Adjustment techniques:  Saturday 14.30 – 17.00

Awareness, Observation, Principles and Practice


Session 6:  Sunday 08.30 – 09.45

Pranayama & Kriyas

Practice, techniques and philosophy


Session 7:  Sunday 10.00 -11.45

Ashtanga Yoga

Traditionally Sanskrit Counted Primary Series

Ashtanga Yoga Master Class


Kia will lead us on a journey through key elements of the Primary & Intermediate Series with an explorative mindset, looking at common energetic principles, actions & alignment details. We will develop an understanding for Asana not only as a practice but also as an Anusthan, a way of being, a state of mind.

In the following Mysore sessions we will draw from the teachings in this workshop to help cultivate a transformational yet sustainable practice in accordance with yogic principles.


Ashtanga Yoga Mysore style

(Sessions 2 & 4)

Kia teaches with careful adherence to the authentic teachings of Ashtanga Yoga whilst encouraging each individual to explore the beauty of the practice.

This is a wonderful opportunity to receive individual guidance and adjustments from Kia to deepen your personal practice.

All levels welcome but you need to be able to practice Mysore Style Self-Practice


Pranayama and Kriyas

(Sessions 3 & 6)

The division between the body and mind is first healed with the breath. Pranayama is considered the central aspect of any authentic Hatha yoga practice.

In these sessions we will deepen our appreciation of the subtleties of breath and its significance in yogic practices and philosophy. New students will be introduced to traditional teachings of pranayama & kriyas, whilst those with more experience will refine and deepen their practice and understanding.


Adjustment techniques

(Session 5)

In this session Kia will share her extensive experience as a Mysore teacher, guiding through hands-on adjustments. We will explore the practice and philosophy of yoga asanas, their purpose, patterns and context. We will pay careful attention to each individual, looking at common body patterns, helping to build an intelligent, mindful practice and relevant teaching and adjusting tools. Cultivation of physical awareness and observation skills is the foundation for all adjustments.

This session is explorative in nature and designed to support teachers as well as practitioners wishing to expand their understanding of the art of adjusting.


Ashtanga Yoga Counted Primary

(Session 7)

We will close the circle of this intensive by coming together as One in body, breath and mind through the beauty and flow of a traditionally Sanskrit counted Primary Series. Guruji always said Ashtanga Yoga is for the mind. When we focus on counting the mala of the postures, the practice becomes the object of meditation for the student and the teacher – creating one single intention.

Kia Naddermier has over 20 years of experience of Ashtanga Yoga and is the main teacher & director of Mysore Yoga Paris (http://mysoreyogaparis.com).

She is a dedicated advanced practitioner and has studied extensively within the traditional lineage of Ashtanga Yoga as taught by Sri K Pattabhi Jois, and continues to practice, research and explore this vast tradition.

Kia is a long-term student of Shri O.P. Tiwariji and his son Sudhir Tiwariji. She is certified to teach Pranayama and Kriyas directly by Tiwariji, according to the Kavalyadham lineage. She returns to Kavalyadham several times each year to study Pranayama & Kriyas, traditional scriptures and scientific research around yoga.

Kia teaches Ashtanga Yoga, Pranayama, Kriyas and adjustment techniques. She mentors teachers, runs long-term apprentice programs and gives workshops and retreats internationally.

Kia teaches with careful adherence to the authentic teachings of Ashtanga Yoga and Pranayama whilst encouraging each individual to explore the beauty of the practice for themselves. With a genuine dedication to the growth and development of her students, her way of teaching integrates her profound knowledge of the breath and Pranic energy, subtle and physical anatomy, with yogic principles. She offers an including, warm and inspiring space open for personal inquiry and research. Her deep love and years of dedication to all aspects of this practice shines through in her attentive, insightful and inspirational teaching.