Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga requires regular practice to memorise the sequence, synchronise the breath and reap the benefits. It offers strength and flexibility, develops both physical and mental awareness, balancing the body and mind.

It is a dynamic and progressing sequence of postures linked together by the breath.

For each movement there is one breath. The set sequence builds discipline and patience, minimising indulging in strengths and avoiding weaknesses! Progress is self-evident and experiential.

The Primary Series – Yoga Chikitsa detoxifies and aligns the body.

The Intermediate Series – Nadi Shodhana purifies the nervous system by opening and clearing the energy channels in the spine.

The Advanced Series A, B, C and D – Sthira Bhaga intergrates the strength and grace of the practice.

Guided Practice

This Ashtanga Yoga class aims to offer a progression through the Ashtanga Yoga Series. The Ashtanga series consists of standing, sitting and finishing postures (inversions) and these are covered in each class.

  • Each session contains the sun salutations and the 6 fundamental standing postures
  • Working within your physical capacity to access challenging postures, using modifications as necesary
  • There is a focus on understanding, developing and practicing a selection of asanas
  • Clarifying and learning the Ashtanga Yoga sequence
  • Learn the breath pattern and its relation to each asana


Assisted Practice 

Assisted Practice is a personal practice in a group setting with the help and support of the teacher. While it can be daunting to attend the first Practice the benefits are significant. Once you are familiar with sun salutations A and B you are ready to explore the practice further.

  • You can work at your pace and level
  • Receive hands on adjustment and assistance
  • Get individual help
  • Understand your breath pattern and the fluidity of the sequencing
  • Experience the mind and body connection on a deeper level
  • Spend more time investing the in the asana postures
  • Begin to develop a personal practice you can take anywhere
  • Enjoy the freedom that this approach offers
  • Benefit from the energy of the group, which intensifies the breath movement synchronicity
  • Helps you to maintain your focus and develop the mental and meditative aspects of the practice
  • You can continue into the Intermediate Series as appropriate