Yoga Building Blocks with Catherine Hardy

Building blocks, for beginners and beyond. A course designed to establish the fundamentals of a confident, strong and precise practice.

  • Develop focus, alignment and precision
  • Hold postures for longer periods of time (than in the Ashtanga system)
  • Build an understanding of asana postures, through an attention to detail
  • Offers a progression of levels, suitable for a range of experience

Focuses on the absolute fundamentals of yoga, working through the details of the basic postures, looking at variations and modifications. This course is accessible to everyone wanting to improve or begin a yoga practice, getting it right from the ground up.

This class is suitable for everyone except absolute beginners, still digging in to the detail of each pose, exploring how poses relate to one another with modifications to support understanding. It can be challenging but there will always be options to help build confidence.

Catherine Hardy’s classes allow students to progress with a clear understanding of the key elements of the poses and to value the details which build a strong foundation in yoga. Catherine’s teaching is warm and welcoming and acknowledges the day-to-day challenges of getting on the mat.