Feedback and comments on Rosina’s classes, workshops and performance work:

“The first thing which impressed me about Rosina was her gentle caring manner in doing yoga.  She was solicitous of my frozen hip being injured with   pillows and foam blocks.  Her manner of teaching is gentle yet firm and she tries to encourage us to better ourselves.  In her presentations in class it is evident she has been a dancer or therapist and definitely knows muscles, anatomy and how to do things safely and well.  She has my unconditional support in her efforts to assist us all our health pursuits.”

“I greatly appreciate being with people who good at what they do and it was very obvious that we were in such expert hands all weekend.”

“Rosina, had to say this – you are a proper inspiration!”

“Your classes are always pure joy.”

“You are also deeply in my memory as a great teacher :)”

“Thanks for the brilliant class yesterday! I was absolutely exhausted (in a good way) by the end of it.”

“Your class is really helping me”

“I had to drop you a line to say thank you for last night’s class. I have been awake since 1.00am with my back. Not in pain for once but feeling energised and free. Ok so it’s still needing some ongoing repair but I am believing one day I could make it along to your contemporary class.”

“The class was just what I needed. Gentle movements, just pushing the boundaries a little to awake dormant territories.”

“So I can’t wait for next week’s class. Will try and fit in doing some moves at home too.”

“I want to tell you how much your classes are helping me.”

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