January 2017 update

The Billiard Table is GONE… all that remains currently are the slates and hopefully they too are on their way out. Andrew McGlip, Arlington manager, was as good as his word and the removal was done during the Christmas break.

Classes have been having the January surge with high attendance and good energy. Thank you to those familiar faces returning and we are welcoming some new ones.

I appreciate the word of mouth and positive feedback that practitioners are putting out there, creating a lovely community within the Arlington classes.

There are spaces in all classes but morning Breathing Bones class numbers could do with a boost so please spread the word.

The counted vinyasa Tuesday evening class is well attended and continues to provide a focus for the learning of the beautiful sequence that is the Ashtanga Primary Series. It is suitable for all levels except absolute beginners. Feel free to try it.

The Introduction to Yoga course on Wednesdays 1, 8, 15, 22 February has a few places, so book your place if you have been considering it.

The course will provide clarity about the fundamental elements of the Primary Series developing clarity in the standing postures and finishing sequences. Worth considering if you would like to improve your understanding of these challenging and constantly rewarding asanas.

I am enjoying seeing many of you 3 or more times a week. As I would like it to continue I am fine tuning the prices and offering an unlimited monthly pass in order to make the programme affordable.



£11 full price

£9 concession


no time limit

£75 full price

£65 concession


£88 full price

£75 concession


£30 + lunch

£25 + lunch concession

JoAnna Mendl Shaw, Equus Projects, is known for her adventurous site-specific performances, often bringing dancers and horses into shared landscapes.

Film screening, Håstdans på Holdall

19.00 Saturday 4 February

CCA, Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow


Screening of JoAnna’s film, Håstdans på Holdall  created in a Swedish forest with a cast of American dancers, Swedish horses and a talented cast of young Swedish adults with autism.


Physical Listening Workshop with JoAnna Mendl Shaw

11.00 – 14.00 Sunday 5 February

Beacon Arts Centre, Greenock


JoAna Mendl Shaw translates the language of natural horsemanship training into a movement practice that focuses on Physical Listening and applies her interspecies lens to the creation works for proscenium, rural environments and museums.

An internationally recognised dance educator, Shaw has taught at Juilliard, in the  Fordham / Ailey BFA program at Marymount Manhattan, Tisch/NYU, Princeton and Mount Holyoke and internationally in Switzerland, Scotland, Sweden, Wales, Hungary, Korea and Japan. She is a Certified Movement Analyst.

In partnership with The Work Room and The Beacon Arts Centre


The long awaited Yoga and Breathing Bones Retreat is confirmed for 17 -19 March at Lerigoligan, Ardfern. Please check for further details. Numbers are limited so please register interest early to avoid disappointment.


Yoga Plus Crete has again offered a 15% discount for my practitioners.

There will be more information soon.


Yoga Plus 2015

Yoga Plus 2015

Thought of the month: 

Your body changes your mind

Your mind changes your behaviour

Your behaviour changes your outcomes

Amy Cuddy

TED talk


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November 2016 Update

The month started with a bang.

The new counted vinyasa class was well attended and continues to provide a focus for the learning of the beautiful sequence that is the Ashtanga Primary Series. The class does (untraditionally deconstruct each section of the practice) and offers modifications for some of the more challenging asanas. It is suitable for all levels except absolute beginners. Feel free to try it when you are curious.

The Breathing Bones class broke the record for attendance with 18 people on the first Wednesday night of the month and the numbers have remained high. The good news is the billiard table is going hopefully over the Christmas break so we can spread out and enjoy the stretch and the relaxation with more room!

Kia Naddermier spread her magic over us, around us, through us on the amazing Ashtanga Yoga and Pranayama Intensive. The course was fully booked with practitioners coming from Dublin, Yorkshire, London, Bath and Glasgow and it’s environs to share and experience the joy.

photos of Kia’s weekend by Brian Hartley


Yes the dates for the next course are here! 25 – 28 May 2017. There will be an extra workshop and 2 Mysore self practices!!!

In anticipation of the numbers we will split the group into 2 for yoga so there will be smaller numbers and more attention. Please do not delay in putting the dates in your diary and letting me have an intention to attend – if only for the incredible food created by Hannah Paton! Truly delicious.

A head’s up for the last Sunday workshop of 2016: 

11 December 10.30 – 12.30 

Prices are going up by £1.25 per class in 2017.

This brings a block booking to £75 and £65 Arlington members/concession.

Drop in £11

£9 Arlington members/concession

Feel free to buy a class card in advance of next year and benefit from the lower price!

Thought of the month: 

“Everything you want to be you already are, you’re simply on the path to discovering that.” 

Alicia Keys, Singer songwriter

“You make your own luck. You make it in training.” 

Simone Biles, Gold Medal Gymnast

Both among the BBC 100 Women

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October 2016 update

A more relaxed and calmer month with classes beginning to settle into cosy, winter numbers. Attendance is regular with committed morning practitioners and a few new faces both morning and evening.

The new Counted Primary Ashtanga class begins this Tuesday. The tradition of the counted class is well established and I am looking forward to offering it within the programme. It is suitable for all levels except complete beginners.

It addresses the sequencing of the asanas and deepens the understanding of the breath count for each posture. Counted class is a valuable tool in developing clarity and provides a bridge from the teacher led practice to the freedom to go at your own pace of that is the focus of self practice.

The Ashtanga Yoga and Pranayama Intensive with Kia Naddermier is fully booked. Hannah Paton is the chef for the course and is providing 2 fabulous lunches during the weekend.


A head’s up for the last Sunday workshop of 2016:

11 December 10.30 – 12.30 


Thought of the month: 

On this path effort never goes to waste, 

And there is no failure. 

The Bhagavad Gita


Translation Eknath Easwaran

The Bhagavad Gita, ‘The Song of the Lord’ is the best known of all the Indian scriptures. It is part of the Hindu epic The Mahabharata.

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September 2016 update

What an exciting month – as you know I am usually late with the news update but I am itching to share the happenings of the last month!

Sessions are well attended with the last Breathing Bones class of the month being oversubscribed. 17 bodies squeezed into the space. It is amazing to see my patient faith in the value of this body of work being appreciated.

“I find it rewarding to explore the physical body and it’s relationship to our whole selves.

Caroline Myss

The Yoga is attracting a lovely diverse group, building a commitment to the ongoing development of our practice. Backbends, headstands and arm balances are associated/accompanied with fear and challenge (even when they are accomplished!) An increasing number of yogis are facing the fear and some are dropping back and a few coming up too.

It is incredibly transformative to come face to face with ourselves in this way.

I have been offered Tuesday evening and I have mulled over what is missing and how best to use this opportunity. I have been trying to find time to run an introduction to yoga course, deepening your practice classes to look at aspects of the asanas in detail and also counted vinyasa class. So the decision is still to be made and classes will start in November. Requests will be considered!

This frees up the Wednesday evening slot so there will be self practice Pranayama – yoga breathing with Laura Gonzalez who leads the monthly morning practice.

Kia Naddermier kindly invited me to her Intermediate Series Ashtanga Yoga and Pranayama workshop in Oslo. Magic, brilliant, informative, inspiring…I could go on.

This is a world-class teacher and she is coming back to Glasgow 11 – 13 November. There a still a few places for the Primary Series and Pranayama course at £220 for all classes and £110 for Pranayama only. Please be quick!

Sunday 9 October the theme is: foundation, rooting, planting (the placement of feet, hands, head). 

Thought of the month: 

I am continually going on about the body hearing your thoughts and so removing negative patterns of thinking during your practice…and hoping that this process can be transferred to daily life too. Dreaming the improvements that you are working towards and imaging positive outcomes is part of my mantra. I feel that this section from Conditioning for Dance, Eric Franklin says succinctly and clearly something I have been trying to articulate for years and that it is not just pertinent to stretching and body work.

Pay Attention to What You Want 

“Flexibility is not just a question of getting tissue to lengthen, but also of adjusting the nervous system to create a new sense of length while you move. When teaching the nervous system new ways to move, what we experience gets reinforced. If you start a flexibility program by paying attention to where you cannot move, you will allow the nervous system to record the opposite of what you want to achieve. Experiencing limitations may be a valuable tool as an analytic tool, because you are figuring out what areas of the body need to work. However, I do suggest focusing on feeling and imaging flexibility and not on limitation. 

As Zvi Gotheiner points out, the key to permanent increases in flexibility is not just to do regular flexibility exercises, but to create a body image that contains an increased flexibility self-image. “

Eric Franklin

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summer 2016 update

This is the first summer update that I have written but as it has been a special and rewarding time I thought I would share my news.

I set off for Yoga Plus, Crete and 9 weeks of practice has paid off in my own personal development and understanding – thank you Radha and Pierre. The bigger picture is I have returned with learning and goodies to challenge, support and motivate our growth and progress. I feel stimulated and excited about the sharing and exchange that happens in classes and workshops.

A lovely number of Scottish practitioners once again brought a joyous unifying energy that enlivened the atmosphere on and off the mat! The food this year was not the best but everything else – long savasanas, the friendships, the bay, siestas and more wielded their magic.




I am being gently persuaded to run an Intensive next year, tentatively pencilled in for February. This is an excuse for a get together of local, national and international friends who need a reason to come to Scotland…watch this space.

The consequence of being away all summer is that last minute changes to the schedule have been made due to classes and commitments elsewhere being confirmed. Thank you for your consideration as the new programme settles in.

The new Friday morning self – practice had a small and satisfying number attend and I am so pleased that one practitioner used the time to do her own practice using the quiet, concentrated, warmth of the space. There is no pressure to do Ashtanga or even Yoga, just a sympathetic thoughtful sharing of the physical space with respect, attention and rigour.

Please let me know if you are interested in a place for Kia Naddermier’s Ashtanga and Pranayama Intensive 11 – 13 November. 6 classes £180 – Early bird booking closes Friday 30 September. This is a hugely beneficial workshop from a teacher who will be held up as one of the greats. Places will go quickly so don’t delay in checking your diary.

Later this month I will be in Oslo to study with Kia, Pranayama & Ashtanga Yoga Intermediate Series Intensive – can’t wait.

The programme also offers Sunday workshops monthly and Deepening Your Practice classes in November. Please check the website for further details. www.rosinabonsu.co.uk 

Sunday 18 September the theme is: What role does discomfort, pain and injury have within the practice of Ashtanga Yoga? 

As a result of many illuminating conversations and exchanges I intend to put on the website a thought of the month…well I can try!

Looking forward to welcoming new and regular practitioners.

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June 2016 update

It has been a full on session with steady and strong attendance and progress that has been a reflection of the commitment and focus brought to the classes.

Busy, vibrant and explorative Sunday workshops continue to provide an energetic sharing of knowledge and experience. I so enjoy the questioning and investigative nature of the exchange.

I set off for Yoga Plus, Crete next week and am looking forward to being joined by a number of practitioners who have taken up the 15% discount offered this year across the programme. I have no doubt I will return with more learning and goodies to challenge and motivate our developing practice.

Please book early for Kia Naddermier’s Ashtanga and Pranayama Intensive 11 – 13 November. This wonderful teacher is a highlight of the autumn/winter programme but there is much to delight before then!

There will be a new Introduction to Yoga and a Deepening Your Practice set of classes, 2 of each in September and November respectively.

Stateless a dance piece I choreographed for Watch This Space, Cottier Dance Project with music composed by Jack Law and visual element by Robert Henderson was favourably received and reviewed in The Herald. I am hoping to develop this piece further and am so grateful to the fabulous cast of nine dancers who performed beautifully.

Have a great summer and I look forward to seeing you in September

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April 2016 update

Classes are a joy. It has been a session of many new faces as practitioners recommend friends and colleagues, thank you. It is also lovely to welcome returning practitioners some from the very first days of the programme – bringing a smile to my face.

The Sunday workshop was again busy with the sound of pennies dropping as connections were made between new information and remembered knowledge. Always a great mix of experience and level willing to question and share.

The Breathing Bones class on Tuesday morning 08.15 – 09.30 has joined the established Yoga classes giving a morning class Monday through to Thursday.

Yoga Plus, Crete is offering practitioners a 15% discount this year across the programme. I am teaching during session 5 and 8, July 9 – 22 and August 19 – 2 September. This discount applies whenever you go but of course I look forward to seeing you there!

Please let them let me know and I can add you to an email list of people already booked, so you can share travel arrangements and car hire info etc.

I attended Kia Naddermier’s Mysore Practice and Pranayama programme in Stockholm 4th – 8th May. Amazing.

The dates for the autumn Ashtanga Yoga and Pranayama Intensive have changed and are now 11 – 13 November. Please book early!

20 June I will be choreographing a short piece for the Cottier Dance Project programme, part of the West End Festival, at Cottier Theatre, Watch This Space, with music composed by Jack Law.

Breathing bones flowers-1a

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March 2016 update

It’s all been a bit of a blur…classes are going very well with a lovely growing community of practitioners and the marvel of watching/witnessing confidence, surprise, delight as regular attendance reaps its reward. An unexpected jump through, shared pleasure as someone else is supported in drop backs, the headstand slowly consolidating, the dawning clarity of upward facing dog, a niggly shoulder, a stiff hip, an abdominal cramp – all signs of the maturing of the practice these are amazing rewards.

The Sunday workshop was full with a vibrant energy and many questions, comments and explanations exchanged. A tasty and nourishing lunch followed, created by Ali Sim, vegetarian chef. The photos below off the session by © Julia Bauer.

Ali built on the success by providing all the meals for Kia Naddermier’s Ashtanga Yoga and Pranayama Intensive to much appreciation.

Kia’s amazing generosity, her quiet and gentle rigour inspired us all. Again we were motivated and encouraged by her interpretations of the Sutras embedding them into the asana practice. Kia has a capacity to demonstrate and clarify the essentials required whether in the breath work of the Pranayama or the physical demands of the Ashtanga practice.

The next Ashtanga Yoga and Pranayama Intensive is 14 – 16 October please come and benefit from her willingness to share her substantial knowledge.

There will be 4 morning classes in the next programme April – June with Breathing Bones on Tuesday morning 08.15 – 09.30. Please spread the word. After all this time I still struggle to explain what it is! But 15 years of repeat invitations to Yoga Plus, Crete remind me that it works and the feedback validates my observations in the power it has to develop the body’s capacity to realise its potential.

I will be teaching at Yoga Plus July 9 – 22, session 5 and August 19 – 2 September session 8. My practitioners are being offered a 15% discount so please let them know you are my student and if you could let me know too I would appreciate that. This discount applies whenever you go but of course I look forward to seeing you there!

Enjoy the Easter break whether you are taking a little time off, finding alternatives or exploring other possibilities.

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January 2016 update

A brilliant start to the year, classes are busy and it is lovely to see familiar faces and welcome new people.

Yoga classes are doing well and the numbers attending Breathing Bones is growing.

From April there will be an additional Breathing Bones class in the morning – please check all the above info on the website.

Ali Sim provided a tasty vegetarian lunch of homemade soup, bread and salad following the Sunday workshop on 31st January. Both the workshop and the food were well received and there will be more food and workshop events on the success in future programmes.

The March Ashtanga Yoga and Pranayama course with Kia Naddermier is again FULL and I have already secured some dates for October!

KiaAutumns2016-eflyer-4 (1)

However there is the summer and another opportunity to visit Yoga Plus, Crete.

Yoga Plus are offering practitioners within in my programme a 15% discount. You need to let them know you are a student of Rosina Bonsu Moves and please let me know when you are intending to take a session. I am happy to discuss your plans.



I continue to feel amazed and delighted by the loyalty and progress of the practitioners coming to classes and workshops.

Thank you for recommending my classes to family and friends – word of mouth is the best advertisement.


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Autumn 2015 Update

Heavens – August, September, October and now November and just getting round to the news update – but the news is worth waiting for!

August went by in a blur of rehearsals for ‘Goddess’. Performances at the Edinburgh Mela were enjoyable and well received.

September meant refreshing all the joy and magic of the Yoga Plus sessions with the gang of 17 and seeing regular and familiar practitioners back on the mat.

The lovely atmosphere in the space reflects the quiet commitment that everyone is bringing to building a steady and dedicated practice at Rosina Bonsu Moves.

Kia Naddermier returned to offer another Pranayama and Ashtanga Yoga Intensive. The focus on the Primary Series allowed a return to the basics – truly challenging. Kia is an inspirational teacher deepening our understanding of Yoga through asana, pranayama, and the philosophical teachings. Yes more will be programmed in 2016.

I also got married in September and am still getting used to it and making the most of a reasonable excuse to be late with everything! Many thanks for all your good wishes, thoughts and gifts.

There is one more Sunday workshop on 22nd November and the session continues till December.

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